Have you ever really, really looked at one of those "Genuine Antique Engravings" so beloved of antique dealers? Detail of 1839 engravingI have one of Whitehaven in Cumberland, published in 1839, engraved by T. Jeavons from a painting by George Pickering, and the detail is quite mind-boggling. The portion reproduced here (showing St. James' church and Hilton Terrace, over a kilometre from the viewpoint) is actually just 1cm across on the original. The image is so detailed that an accurate reproduction would have to be huge, and even in compressed format would be too large a file for the Internet. So here is a compromise, a detail of the strip showing Whitehaven town itself, enlarged to form a panorama; still a pretty large file, but just about manageable. You'll find I have also provided an optional key to some features I have been able to identify from the 1860s Ordnance Survey.

As a bonus, here's a heavily-retouched photo of Whitehaven Harbour, published in 1902